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Submission Guidelines 2019.03.03

Oct 15, 2017 · 3 min read

Resistance Poetry is dedicated to “Verse as Commentary.” We are interested in your poetic response — humorous, deep, whimsical, bold, etc. — to breaking news, social phenomenon, or whatever current thing you feel could use a little push-back.

Poetry can cut and polish language into a gem which can be examined by readers in various lights and from multiple angles. It gives them time to contemplate, question, look more deeply, perhaps see something anew.

The goal of RP is to tap into this power to encourage people to question and broaden perspectives. But we also like to make people laugh. Many a truth is said in jest.


Original Poetry using verse as commentary is the only genre we accept. Poetry is broadly interpreted, but, as Justice Potter Stewart said of porn, we know it when we see it. If you include quotes from other sources, reference them.

Medium publication channels must be used to submit work. You must have a Medium account, format your work on Medium, and submit through the Medium publication channels.

Illustrate your piece with an image appropriate to your work. Images over 1000 px wide are best for formatting. Credit your Illustration! It’s not just polite, it’s right.

Need help understanding image credits? Here’s a decent explanation:

Tag your piece appropriately. Of the five tags you are allowed, one tag must be Resistance Poetry.


Libel will not be published for your protection and ours. If you make a specific accusation in your work, please provide proof of the veracity.

We will not accept racist, sexist, or otherwise broadly denigrating works, nor will we publish pieces designed to harm or silence private persons.


Ask to be a writer by responding to this post. Include a link to a poem you have written which you believe belongs in RP. If we think your work is a good fit, we will add you as a writer and ask to publish your piece.

Once you are a writer, DO NOT PUBLISH YOUR PIECE FIRST. Create your piece as a draft. Tag your piece but DO NOT PRESS PUBLISH. Click on the three dots to the right of the publish button for the drop-down menu. Click on “add to a publication” and click on Resistance Poetry. Your piece will wind up in our inbox and will be reviewed.

WHY NOT PUBLISH THEN SUBMIT? Because RP’s homepage it designed to feature the most recently published works. The feed is chronological. For maximum exposure, submitting as a draft is ideal. Otherwise, depending on the time that passes between personally a publishing piece and acceptance by RP, your piece could wind up “below the fold.”

Medium now allows us to publish “members only” pieces. Our understanding is the royalties from the piece will accrue entirely to you, the writer.


Editing poetry is tricky. If we notice what we believe are unintentional misspellings or grammar errors, we will correct them. If we are in doubt as to the intentionality of a break from the standard, we will ask you about it in a private message.

We will not change your message.

We attempt to respond to all submissions in a timely manner. However, delays can occur due to the editors’ schedules.


If you write for Resistance Poetry, please support the publication by following it and engaging with other RP poets and their work.

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary


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Writing, because talk is cheap

Resistance Poetry

Verse as Commentary

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