Mainnet Launch Date Confirmed

Jun 28 · 2 min read

We plan, on July 31st, after almost two years of solid development, to release a fully functional version of the Resistance Mainnet! This includes ResDEX, the Resistance privacy coin, and our CPU-optimized miner.

From this point onwards, users can download the Resistance wallet and begin earning RES through mining and Proof of Research.

We have partnered with IdentityMind, the same KYC provider that Binance uses, to build upon and develop a decentralized KYC architecture into ResDEX. This allows users to verify that the counterparty of a trade has successfully passed KYC without ever learning of the counterparty’s identity. Resistance doesn’t store any sensitive KYC data or associate users with trades, so you can trade securely without sacrificing privacy.

This is the final of the puzzle, we now have fully working platform built and ready to go.

We’d like to thank everybody in the Resistance community for your patience and ongoing support as we continue to negotiate the terms of our IEO. We are still waiting for confirmation, but we will have a firm date to share with you soon.

We know how frustrating the process is for our community, it’s frustrating for us too, but we’re not willing to settle for any deal that isn’t in the best interest of our community and private investors. We are currently in the process of choosing an exchange for the Resistance IEO and will settle for nothing but the best possible outcome.

It’s an exciting moment for us to finally reveal everything we’ve been working so hard to create.

The countdown has started!

The Resistance Team

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Updates & Announcements about Resistance and ResDEX