ResDEX 15% Donation Program Contest

To support the development of privacy in blockchain technology, we have decided to launch the ResDEX 15% Donation Program Contest. In this initiative, Resistance will allocate 15% of accrued fees on our decentralized exchange, ResDEX, to one privacy-focused blockchain project chosen by the community.

A total of eight projects have been selected for the final round, more of which you can read about below. To cast your vote for your favorite privacy project, head to this page:

As an added bonus, we’re giving away a Ledger Nano S to one lucky voter. And if you still have questions, you can can scroll down to learn more about the projects involved, and a general FAQ about the Donation Program.



Monero is cash for a connected world. It’s fast, private, and secure. With Monero, you are your own bank. You can spend safely, knowing that others cannot see your balances or track your activity. Monero uses ring signatures, ring confidential transactions, and stealth addresses to obfuscate the origins, amounts, and destinations of all transactions.


Grin empowers anyone to transact or save modern money without the fear of external control or oppression. Grin is designed for the decades to come, not just tomorrow. Grin wants to be usable by everyone, regardless of borders, culture, skills or access.


BEAM is a next generation confidential cryptocurrency based on an elegant and innovative Mimblewimble protocol. Users have complete control over privacy — a user decides which information will be available and to which parties, having complete control over his personal data in accordance to his will and applicable laws.


Zcoin is the first full implementation of the Zerocoin Protocol, which allows users to have complete privacy via Zero-Knowledge cryptographic proofs. It is worth noting that Zcoin is unrelated to other cryptocurrencies utilizing the Zerocash Protocol. Although Zerocash is a development from Zerocoin, their respective implementations are not simple forks of each other, but rely on different cryptographic assumptions with various tradeoffs.


Loki is a privacy network which will allow users to transact and communicate privately over the internet, providing a suite of tools to help maintain the maximum amount of anonymity possible while browsing, transacting and communication online.


NavCoin is an easy to use digital currency — run by its community. It’s programmable money that lowers the cost of doing business in the Web3 economy. Privacy has always been a central part of NavCoin, from the original NavTech to the upcoming improvements.


Cloak uses CloakShield for end-to-end encryption and delivery of secure communication out of the box, allowing nodes to circumvent traffic analysis. Combined with ENIGMA, it is the crème de la crème for privacy, utilizing up to 25 hops using symmetric RSA encryption backed by an ECDH key exchange.


Bulwark is a privacy based cryptocurrency project with a focus on hardware development and user freedom. With Proof of Stake and Masternodes, users can either stake their Bulwark for rewards or lock collateral into masternodes to provide a variety of services such as Instantsend (Instantaneous Transactions) and Zerocoin (True cryptographic anonymity zBWK denominations) to the network and in return are compensated for being part of the core network infrastructure.


How much RES will the winning project receive?
At this stage, Resistance is unable to estimate the total value of the 15% of exchange fees allocated to the program. As soon as our mainnet is live, and masternodes are engaged, we will be able to make more accurate predictions.

Please keep in mind that exchange fees allocated to the chosen project will vary greatly depending on factors beyond our control. In light of this, the winning project should not rely on this program for funding.

How long does the Donation Program last and when does it start?
Projects will receive the 15% exchange donations for a total of six months, starting when our mainnet launches and our masternodes are activated. Once this six month period is over, Resistance will cast a new community vote to choose a different project.

How frequently will ResDEX transfer donations to the winning project?
ResDEX will transfer the exchange fees once per quarter, for a total of two transfers per project. Transactions will be done transparently in order to ensure the validity of our donation program.

Are funds required to be used for development? 
The winning project is requested to allocate the exchange fees towards the development of their project and/or product(s).

How are you planning to control bots and prevent misuse of voting? 
ResDEX will use for the voting campaign. As such, each voter will have to sign in with valid email and complete certain simple requirements to prove they are real / human.


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