Resistance Launches Ambassador Program

Resistance is proud to announce the launch of our Ambassador Program. This initiative was designed to give back to those actively contributing to our project, and incentivize those that would like to get involved.

Any ambassador interested in assisting the Resistance team should give our whitepaper (v1.5) a read to get a better idea of what we’re building.


  • Be a motivated, responsible and professional self-starter who is eager to contribute
  • Complete tasks assigned by the Resistance team and admins
  • Engage with our community on Discord (priority) and push to grow our ecosystem with questions, comments, and general discussion


Community Ambassador
Community Ambassadors will work with our community managers to promote technical discussions and engage the community when updates are posted. Ambassadors should have in-depth knowledge of Resistance, ResDEX, and the technology driving the product.

Technical Writer
Technical writers will help Resistance by writing detailed, informative and technical posts on our privacy tech and DEX and share it on relevant platforms including as privacy forums, Discord communities, Reddit, stack overflow, and other blockchain forums. If it qualifies, we’re open to having you guest post on our Medium for added exposure.

Content Creator
Content Creator’s will be required to create infographics, GIFs, small decks, and any other visual items requested by the Resistance team. We are also looking for this role to post that content to relevant social media channels for distribution.


Depending on the ambassador’s experience and desired role, we will be rewarding between 1,500 to 3,000 RES per month.

How To Apply

Simply fill out the following form with your role of interest and the team will reach out periodically to candidates who appear to be a good fit.



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