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Covid is real. Deaths are very real

This week a very close friend lost his mother to COVID in Brazil. She spent two months in ICU, in a coma. She has been through a lot, from running away to Brazil with her family when she was a toddler and the Nazis were taking over her native country, to losing a kidney and going through a lot to recover from it. My husband spent a lot of his teenage years in her house, and, we spent many holidays together in their countryside home.

Since this whole pandemic started, I tell people about my friend’s mom in ICU, to see if people realized how serious this situation all…




Brazilian Women For Democracy

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Mariana Paes

Mariana Paes

Journalist, DEI professional, feminist, feminist, dancer. Fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Sarcasm. 🇧🇷 🇺🇸

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