Resolute.Fund First Offering Launch

We are very happy to announce that on Tuesday, May 28th, in conjunction with Swarm, Resolute.Fund will launch the first of a series of blockchain-based funds to invest in non-performing mortgage loans.

Resolute.Fund, with a focus on distressed mortgage loans, is targeting a net return of 18–20%. Distressed mortgage loans have historically provided an above average return in the real estate asset class, with the security of owning the most senior loan on a property. The distressed mortgage loans will be primarily senior mortgage loans on residential or commercial real estate where the borrower has failed to make payments or are selling at distressed prices for other reasons. The Fund will seek to acquire the loans at discounted prices to principal balance, manage the loans, and, after restructuring of the loan or foreclosure, exit at higher prices than acquired via refinancing, resale of loan, or sale of underlying property.

Our team has been investing in mortgage loans on behalf of investors for 20+ years.

Resolute.Fund will offer a digital fund share class on the Ethereum blockchain that will be tradable peer to peer and with other major ERC20 cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, thus providing our investors with a liquidity option, and control of their investment. Swarm provides the technology programmable to the specifications we need to make this a successful offering, enabling us to also confidently launch subsequent funds.

The digital security and our fund offering are fully compliant and subject to U.S. federal security regulations. Our law firm is McCarter & English.

This first fund will be limited to USD5 million in size, and its offering will take place over the course of 4 weeks, beginning May 28th, 2019, offering bonuses in tokens to investors for each stage of the offering.

We will accept fiat currencies as well as major cryptocurrencies for investment.

Please see our Executive Summary (English), Executive Summary (Chinese), Marketing Deck, Thesis Paper and additional information about the offering on our website.

Our Philosophy — A diversified portfolio of real estate managed by professionals can lead to optimal risk-adjusted returns.

— A liquid, tradable share class gives investors flexibility and control.

— Value is created for our investors by combining these two.

We look forward to your interest in Resolute.Fund.


Andy Strott Founder, CEO Resolute.Fund 595 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10022 917–797–6986

Resolute.Fund  —  Real Estate For The Digital Age

Andy Strott Founder, CEO Resolute.Fund

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Founder, CEO Resolute.Fund — Real Estate For The Digital Age. A blockchain based U.S. real estate fund. Real Estate investment + tech professional.

Resolute.Fund  —  Real Estate For The Digital Age