A Tale of Beer (Case Study)

Once upon a time at a design studio called Resoluut, an internal project to create awesome beer labels for MakerStreet fell into our laps in an incredible twist of fate.

Nikos Huijgen
Apr 21, 2017 · 6 min read

The synopsis

A dream project: we were asked to create a series of beer labels with complete creative freedom to make something unique. The requirement was to incorporate 6 types of beer into our designs — Weizen, Tripel, Lager, Blond, Dubbel and I.P.A. brewed in the centre of Amsterdam at Brouwerij Troost.

Six characters. One story.

MakerStreet specialises in tailor made digital media. They collaborate as 6 specialised agencies, creating websites, apps, content and everything else that contributes and connects.

Much like creating digital media, brewing craft beer takes a straightforward process and a whole lot of creativity.

Setting the stage

Having a client’s perspective is very important in the way we work. When I’m designing for a client I like to take a look around their workplace to get inspired. It’s vital to my process to really get a feel for the company I’m working for. Luckily there was little travel time involved with this particular project, as we are all under the same roof.

Chapter 1 — Weizen, with an innovative twist

Client: MakerLab

Keywords: innovative, product development, futuristic

Chapter 2 — Tripel, for maximum results

Client: NOUN

Chapter 3 —Lager, with a great user experience

Client: Soda Studio

Keywords: interactive, young, conceptual

Chapter 4 — Blond, because less is more

Client: Resoluut

Keywords: designed, solid shapes, complete visuals

Chapter 5 — Dubbel, double the power

Client: TouchTribe & TechTribe

Keywords: humorous, techy, nerdy

Chapter 6 — I.P.A, beer with a great story

Client: Mister Koreander

Keywords: Never Ending Story, fluid, rounded


A great result. The beers have been produced and labelled and sent out as Christmas gifts to our clients and friends.

Coming together to create products is what we do
Ready to drink

People behind the pixels

We are two specialised design agencies part of Makerstreet and based in Amsterdam. Soda is focused on creating products that people love to use with the best interaction design. Resoluut makes sure the product looks as awesome as it works and it’s branding is on par. Want to know more or work with us? Contact us at sodastudio.nl or resoluut.com.


Resoluut is a digital product design agency.

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