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Meet the Mentor: Cristina Coffey

This is part of a series of articles profiling some of the mentors, investors, and subject matter experts who form part of the Accelerate Green ecosystem. As Ireland’s only sustainability scaling accelerator programme, we believe that it’s critical to surround our business leaders with the right advice, at the right time.

This article profiles Cristina Coffey, who will support the Accelerate Green cohort during the “Technology and Product Management” module. For more details on the Accelerate Green programme, see our website at — the application deadline is December 10th!

Business Background

If there is one word worth associating with Cristina’s professional life, it’s innovation. Combine this with humanitarian desire, and it sums up most of her work to date. Some examples include the hugely successful ThoughtBox, which provided educational games for children, her work with Allwayswithyou, an application supporting older people living alone, and her involvement through NuaWorks with InnerSource Commons. They promote the use of open source principles within an organisation. These common threads in her experience and intentions are both admirable and clear. “I love working on anything tech product related, something that makes life better. If you look at the majority of the projects I’ve been working on, they’re all about helping people.”

The Green Space

Some of these projects have been green. Previous investments during Cristina’s time in European Pioneers include a company called Watly. They provide clean water and electricity to people in remote locations. Then there is InFarm, a German company that specialises in green vertical farming. “I’d even venture to say InnerSource Commons is pretty much promoting green tech with the idea of using code and working collaboratively. The majority of environmental issues out there need to be solved through collaboration. Not one person has the answer, and they are teaching people how to work collaboratively and how to build code collaboratively…reuse, optimisation, they are all connected to energy efficiency.” she says.

The Programme

As one of the Accelerate Green mentors, Cristina is excited to meet the teams and companies in the programme and learn more about what they are doing. However, it will be full steam ahead once they get started, and she will be using her expertise in product, tech and business to get them where they need to be. “My focus will be mainly on technology and product in general, so I’m going to try and work with them to a point where their technology and product strategy is primed for scale, and they have a robust process to MVP test new customer-led features.”

Last Words for Applicants

With applications closing soon, it’s time for final pieces of advice for those wishing to be part of it. Cristina says they are in good hands with the experience and success Resolve Partners have in accelerating companies, and it’s a programme really worth doing. “This is an amazing opportunity, having access to an accelerator like this without having to give away equity or having to pay for it as well. It’s just an incredible opportunity. If this were around when I started my own business, I’d grab it with both hands.”



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