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A Guilt Free Evening To Close Your Day

Tailored for people with hectic life who have forgotten sunset

Sunset at east malaysia from Dina
Photo from my friend Dina- Taken from an offshore oil platform in East Malaysia

Sunset is my favorite time of the day. The reddish-orange hues splash against the backdrop of the deep blue sky, with the sun gradually marking the silhouettes of the city. It can be amazing on a clear day.

Sunset is like a timing, indicating a phase of time has passed. It is the time in the evening when the daylight fades and prompts us — the day is ending, and it’s time to close.

I remember my late father burning a couple of joss sticks, saying a silent prayer for the ancestors. It was his evening ritual before we settle down for dinner. It was a simple closure for the day to him.

There are so many ways to end the day. If you are fortunate, you get to end the day with a high. For most of us, it’s just another day ending — no dramas whatsoever, and for some friends I know, another tough day ends.

Like many self-help journeys, remember you choose what makes sense to you. You decide what work best for your rhythm.

I asked my loyal assistant — Google, to suggest a few end-of-the-day rituals, just out of curiosity.

Here are some trending ones:

Journal what went well in the day. By journal here means write in plain text or scribbles how you feel.

Write what you could do differently. Some reflections of the day on what did not go as expected. Remember, even if the day was difficult, you survived and have another opportunity to do better tomorrow.

Share your day — Connect on a personal-intimate level. Call/Tell someone you are thinking of them.

Do something you are passionate about or a hobby that makes you happy.

Other suggestions were — light candles, meditation, read your favorite book, make a list for tomorrow, exercise, read something inspirational — some guru suggests Shakespeare’s sonnets, write your gratitude journal, tidy up your desk space, eat something delicious, listen to music, do a light chore, prepare next days clothes, take a walk, read a story to your children, hug someone, drink and more.

But truthfully, I dread doing all the above.

If you look at the list, you are most likely already doing half the things mentioned during your working hours. Is there really a need to repeat?

And if you had a long frustrating day —like caring for a sick family member cleaning up vomit, the last thing you want is to eat delicious food or do more chores.

I only want to do NOTHING regardless if it is a good day or bad day.


Okay, maybe a whisper — ‘Thank you.’ Sometimes I forget, but it does help with closure, especially if it is a hard day.

But that’s all, Do Nothing. Zilch.

Oh, maybe just breathe. But we do that already.

Sit back and let nature nourish or replenish energy. There is no rush. The sun is setting. Take all the time you need. No timer or candles necessary. No judgement whatsoever.

Sunset in East Malaysia from Dina
Photo from my friend Dina- Taken from an off shore oil platform in East Malaysia

You earned it from all the constant doing during the day, so why repeat them. It’s worst if you have short-term memory and cannot remember how your day went. You hustle enough.

If you are a writer, the last thing you need is to write or read more. I am not sure if reading Shakespeare’s sonnets will invigorate you but it might help you sleep better.

And there are proven benefits to just sit on the couch and stare off into space. The Dutch have a name for it — ‘Niksen.’

Check out Olga Mecking, the author of the book, “Niksen: Embracing the Dutch Art of Doing Nothing”

The author suggest that you don’t have to feel guilty about doing nothing. It is totally fine to just watch passersby or stare out the window — with or without sunset.

In the world where we are attached to social media, simply doing nothing is like a luxury that is so underrated and yet can be so effective. (Hint: You don’t have to wait till the end of the day to do it.)

Meanwhile, to close this article, I like to share a Haiku below. Check out the amazing photos of the sunset. Nature has always been there, reminding us to take time to rest and chill.

Sunset Perfection- Melanie J.

hues of perfection
golden rays kissed the ocean’s
face — Florida’s charm.

Thank you for reading. I have not added any other story links on purpose. If you wish, do nothing for a few moments…. or not. And that’s okay too. 😄



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