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The World is Burning and I Feel Helpless

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

I used to see environmental activists online discuss experiences of grief regarding the climate crisis and wondered how it could be. How can grief manifest in activism?

Today, I feel tired. I feel I cannot fully enjoy the heat that the U.K. is experiencing right now because it is serving as a reminder of the crisis we are in. The heat is saying boldly, “remember me, for it’s only going to get hotter”.

Last week, floods devastated parts of Germany and Belgium. The rest of the world watched as many lost their lives, impacted and saddened, but still unwilling to change.

I often find myself feeling hopeless. In moments alone, I am overwhelmed by the feeling that we are endlessly speeding towards the point of no return with no way to slow down. I sometimes wonder if this is justified. If mourning is an overreaction.

But the world I know is burning and mourning sometimes feels the only appropriate response.

Grief now seems rational to me. I understand how it fits in with environmental activism and indeed, with any social activism.

The question I ask now is, how does one heal from this grief when the worst is still yet to come?

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