Chapter Leaders Meeting, 4/9/2017

I’ll admit I was cavalier when the permanent markers came out. Others tried to warn me. “Are you sure it’s okay to stick these posters to the window?” “Are you sure it won’t bleed through?”

Luckily, as it turns out, getting permanent marker off of your windows isn’t so hard, it just requires rags and rubbing alcohol. Lesson learned.

And more importantly, writing on the windows allowed us to facilitate our April RG NYC chapter leaders meeting, where we discussed everything from our current 1:1 campaign to the best neighborhood for staging Poor Magazine’s Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tour.

Some highlights from our four-hour meeting (which flew by, thanks in part to the mini churros that Susannah brought):

  • We talked about how best to connect RG members to grassroots organizations—especially those that lack cross-class connections/networks—and whether we could come up with a formalized way of doing so. Until that happens, we’ll be doing one-off things, like participating in North Star Fund’s Resilient NY forum, which will be a great opportunity to connect face-to-face with grassroots leaders.
  • RG’s non-solicitation policy has been the subject of a lot of discussion in the past few months. RG national should be coming up with proposed changes in the near future. Whatever is decided, we think it makes sense to make a distinction between solicitation and invitation. The latter doesn’t feel like a burden, so much as an opportunity!
  • Lots of stuff happening in April: Tax March sign-making (4/13); the Tax March itself (4/15); Poor Magazine’s Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tour (4/17–18); college student workshop (4/26); and the People’s Climate March in DC (4/29). Details about these events has or will come out on the RG NYC listserv, and you can always e-mail for info/details/questions.
  • Yahya presented a vision for a new organizational structure for the chapter, both to spread out leadership resources and to create more opportunities for member engagement.
  • And finally, we checked in on our chapter goals for 2017 only to discover that, hey, we’re doing pretty well! We surpassed our goal of having four praxis groups (we have six); we’ve been repping RG at young professionals events; and we’re increasing our online presence. Some major goals that we’re still working on include tracking social justice giving by our members and deepening our relationship with some relevant organizations, including Brioxy, SURJ, and North Star Fund.

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!