RG NYC at the People’s Climate March, April 2017

Members of Resource Generation at the People’s Climate March in Washington, D.C.

At the end of April, members of Resource Generation’s NYC chapter traveled down to DC to join the RG DC chapter and RG national staff members at the People’s Climate March. It was a busy two days of showing up to use our privilege to support the fight for climate justice.

The weekend kicked off on Friday morning with an open workshop on privilege and activism where we discussed the many ways that class/race privilege can show up in direct actions (for example, taking charge in moments of uncertainty, or speaking for the group, without the actual consent or endorsement of the group) and how we could work together to move past those patterns. We even had a chance to work on some practical direct-action skills, including blocking traffic and maintaining a non-confrontational attitude in the face of harassment. (For any dues-paying RG members, the video of the livestream is in the RG Facebook group if you’d like to check it out!)

From there we went straight to the lawn of Capitol Hill to join the It Takes Roots coalition to act as marshals as they held Mother Earth’s Red Line. It was a truly energizing experience, made all the more powerful by the training and grounding we had just participated in. (You can learn more about the action here and you can support Grassroots Global Justice’s awesome work here.)

The rest of the day was more relaxed. We met with a DC chapter leader to learn about the city’s unique challenges and the work the chapter is doing, and we ended the day by making signs for Saturday’s march — some favorite slogans included “The Extractive Economy Stops with Our Generation” and “Move Your Money Into the Streets.”

Saturday morning we met in the youth block, under the “Guardians of the Future” banner and joined roughly 200,000 people in the march to the White House. Despite the 90-degree weather and blazing sun, our wonderful staff members kept the energy high with chants, songs and plenty of water, Clif Bars and sunscreen. We finished up the day at the rally and art display on the lawn of the Washington Monument.

All in all it was a powerful, hopeful weekend and it’s exciting to see RG stepping up to be a visible presence in the intersectional fight for climate justice!

(Thanks to RG NYC chapter leader Ila Duncan for writing up this summary! For more information about Resource Generation, check out the national website, and don’t forget to follow us here on Medium and on Facebook.)