13 Reasons Why you need to watch the Netflix Drama 13 Reasons Why

By now most of you TV fanatics must have already watched the Netflix Drama which premiered on March 31 of this year. 13 Reasons Why is about a girl (Hannah Baker) who leaves a box of cassette tapes for a group of people of her high school, whom she thinks was responsible for her committing suicide. And what happens when these cassettes fall into the hands of an another student (Clay Jensen) from the same high school. Those who haven’t watched the awesome show yet, here are “13 Reasons Why you need to watch the Netflix Drama 13Reasons Why” right now!!!

1. It is realistic

’13 Reasons Why’ is a High School Drama, it deals with the emotions of the most sensitive age group — that is the teens. Each of the subplots in the story deals with one of these emotions, be it deceit, backstabbing, heartbreak, peer pressure or seclusion. These are things which we ourselves have experienced and that is why we can relate to it.

2. It’s Different than all other shows out there

There are a number of shows out there on TV and Netflix. However, this is a kind of show which is unique in its genre. The show deals with psychological issues which we as teenagers have gone through. This show is not just about depression and suicide, it’s also about the little things that we usually find imbecile in high school and how these things can affect somebody.

’13 Reasons Why’ thus fell into a lot of controversies because of the type of content it dealt with.

3. It’s on Netflix

All the episodes are on Netflix & you can easily binge-watch the show anytime any day (heavily recommended). Netflix is known for awesome shows. Over the past few years, it has brought some amazing content like Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Orange is the new Black. Most of these shows have a huge fan following. Apart from them it also has a number of movies which you should check out.

4. It’s based on a fantastic book

13 Reasons Why is based on a 2007 Novel of the same name by Jay Asher. This book was the New York Times Bestseller in 2011. So, attention to fellow Book Readers! You now have a new book to add on to your ‘must read’ list because, just like the series, the book is amazing.

5. The Amazing Music

The soundtrack to 13 Reasons why is a mixture of some New and Old Music which is refreshing. My personal favorite from the collection was the ‘Thirteen’ by Elliot Smithand and ‘Love will tear us Apart’ by Joy Division. There are many such more good songs that the show uses which you should definitely check out.

6. It takes you to a High School Journey

Unfortunately, not the best part of your high school but the part that we seldom talk about. This series deals with that part of our school life that we want to forget. It is easy for some of us to move on from the bullying and shaming in High School that we might have experienced, but for others, it is not that easy to forget. Sometimes it leaves a major impact on such lives. Not everybody is equally strong emotionally, somebody’s fun can lead to the other’s suffering.

7. The girl’s perspective on what guys usually find cool about

Come on its high school! Commenting about a** and b*** is not that big a thing! Is it really? The show has an interesting take on such kind of activities. Even if you weren’t a part of such thing, you do need to see, what effect can one comment have on a girl’s life. And if you were a bystander to such activity, weren’t you too a part of this?

8. Even the concerned are not concerned about this

Were you bullied? but you are almost an adult, can you not deal with it on your own? If the people who are responsible for our protection at school can not protect us from the usual bullying and think that we should handle this on our own, then what is the use of having them around? The show also focusses on the responsibility of adults in concerns like this.

9. It talks about depression and suicide

Remember Arjun Bharadwaj, the guy who live streamed his suicide from Taj and how quickly people responded to the need to talk about depression. And also how quickly this issue got sidelined. Yes! Suicide is wrong, legally as well as psychologically, but is it ok to ignore the topic completely even when more and more people are committing suicide. I think it’s high time we at least start talking about these things.

10. The point most of us missed….

The show did not just focus on the reasons why Hannah committed suicide but also on the other part of the story that we almost missed. What did her friends do? How were they responsible? The answers to these questions are something that the show seeks on. The things we do to each other in high school, in a fit of rage, to satisfy our ego or to save our image, sometimes these things, these small stupid things are the ones that have unimaginable consequences.

11. Understanding the Gray Zone between Consent and Rape

The show handled the concept of the gray zone between consent and rape in a very sensitive and mature manner. When is it ok? When is it not? You should see the show to understand and to make up your mind on what consent actually means.

12. Not Everything is against you

There are always some people who really care about you even in every circumstance. Distancing people when you are hurt never helps. Your best friends and your loved ones are the people you should never lose touch with. Open about your emotions if you think you can not handle alone. Somebody might actually help.

13. Reasons Why

Selena Gomez, who is one of the producers of the show had recently confirmed that the filming of the show has begun. If you havent watched the show yet, now is a good time to finish the first season before the second starts.Also according to the rumours the show is going to take a different angle at the Hannah Baker Suicide Case something related to the state vs school, something to look forward to.