5048 Reasons Why

by m.s.wardrip

5048 reasons why this career criminal, who just kidnapped and murdered a priest in a most brutal way should spend the rest of his days being tormented.

I think he is a loser. No, I know he is a loser, just like the loser attorneys, just like the loser judge, just like the loser District Attorney, just like the bailiff, just like the Prosecuting Attorney, just like the court reporter and just like the security guards at the metal detectors at the courthouse that employees over 1500 people to manufacture, distribute and fabricate court proceedings. The government is farmed out to commercial losers, making us all losers. We are losers because we didn’t do anything about it. The government is a loser. This moron is a loser because he did do something about it. He must have been anal-retentive as a child, constipated constantly and encouraged by his diet and parental neglect to eat nothing but cheese sandwiches on light bread processed food cheese-like products that cloud the mind and ruin the skin organ completely, creating a host of parasitic disorders, most doctors and hospitals won't address, as it just leads to unmanageable mental care. Soda pop 24/7, energy drinks 24/7, meth 24/7, whores 24/7, bad attitude 24/7.

Violence 24/7

I say kick him in the balls every chance you get when he’s not looking and that’s because, under the circumstances, that is not cruel or unusual punishment, but it is punishment for killing the priest. I also like the idea of making him sleep outside to get eaten by mosquitos. It would save the prison system some airconditioning money. Phoenix, Arizona is a great place for that. Desert heat, dry, not enough water, arid, scorching, roaches, cockroaches, spiders, bugs, lizards, frogs, snakes, murdering meat eating human criminal murderers, it’s the perfect environment for reptiles and vermin. An energy candy bar and a red soda pop should suffice for every meal, with a nutritional drink to wash down the peanut and butter sandwich for dinner, and of course the luxury peppermint patty. I really hope they don’t spit on the prisoners food. Some of them are innocent of their crime. Prisoners rights advocacy groups would be against this punishment thing. If he hadn’t been an asshole bastard dumbass pea-brain, he would n’t be getting kicked in the nuts at every opportunity. We will love him all the way to heaven. Tough love, very tough love. He needs to cry like a baby and survive and not be put to death. As John Jorgenson says “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.” This man needs to come to turns with what he did. He would cut my head off for saying this, “You are in self-imposed prison and I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. Even if I did go to work a public job, I wouldn’t work for the corrupt system you put yourself in.”

Listen, readers, As I write this, I vent about a murderer but I want you to know I do so out of disgust for this heinous act. I also want you to know that I did not recommend death. Punishment is not death. Death is a cop out. I say don’t let him cop out by death. Let him suffer torment over the long haul like he did the priest over the short haul. Revenge? Nah, just a holding cell until Jesus gets him. Jesus will deal with him fairly and squarely. He does not have to worry about that. What goes on in his spiritual world is what he has to worry about.

As a matter of fact, what goes on in all of us spiritually is what we are concerned about, or should be. It beats murdering priests or murdering priest murderers.