A Rural Mural

By m.s.wardrip


I just want somebody to go to the love shack with me,

You know, do some drugs, get drunk, get stoned and screw.

Lay around and laugh. It’s a good way to unwind.

Takes the edge off and it’s actually good for you.

A big ole little fat girl,

In the cabin listening to the rain pound on the roof,

Rolling and shouting, messing up the covers.

Here, baby, break time for some moonshine! Woof!

Normally, I drive a truck,

I called in a personal day today,

Rollin’ in my sweet baby’s arms,

Met her down at the Pick’ n’ Pay.

She is neat and tidy, so organized,

I think she likes me, She gave me a surprise,

She jumped on my back, kissed my cheek,

Spun me around and our love got deep.

My little hunny bunny funny honey girl, the best!

Im her Baby pookie, wookie, snuggle teddy bear,

Together we climb up Mount Everest,

Just to discover what’s up there.

High in the clouds,

Steam mist rolling down,

We’re here in hillbilly paradise,

While all the clowns are in town.

The little love shack is rockin’,

A couple of hippies inside,

Hitched our party wagon to a star,

And man, are we on an awesome ride!

Turn up the jams! Fire up the kite!

Let’s get it on in the wide open spaces,

Let’s dance in the dark all the wild night!

Let’s see our happy faces trade places.

Me and my pot belly,

Her with her muffin top,

We makin’ love, ya’ll,

And it ain’t likely that we gonna stop!

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