A Story for People Who Don’t Read Much

by Steve Wardrip

One of the Paths.

Okay, you can dance here,

But don’t start trouble,

Or you will wind up,

in a lake full of snakes… like Rob.

Rob liked Lil and Lil liked Jill,

Jill lived with Bill and secretly saw Phil,

One night they went too far,

They were found naked, carbon monoxide poisoned,

In a car.

Bill knew Jill knew Lil,

And knew that Rob wanted Lil,

So Bill figured Rob offed Jill and Phil,

And thus, hired a hitman from the mob,

Who did a job on Rob.

Sob. Sob. Sob.

The moral of the story is a little bit gory,

Keep to yourself or you could wind up,

Not in one piece,

But in forty.

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