Battle of the Seasons

by m.s.wardrip

See, way up tall in Fall,

The weightless golden trees,

In a heavy Azure sky,

Autumn discards the cast iron leaves.

They tumble in comical slow-motion style,

Come crashing down to earth,

Spinning straight down in spirals,

Color oceans eyed from a sparrow’s berth.

Now, the seasons are jealous,

Four of them in a proper fit,

Vying for that coveted top spot,

One moment, one day, this is it!

People, like swaying trees,

Also discard their spent out leaves,

Leaving cold the barren buds,

That open long after the coming freeze.

Gather all the goods you can,

Batten down the heavy hatch,

Nest deep within the furry cocoon,

Let Spring be the key to your latch.

No season has ever endured,

Past it’s timely steady mark,

What bounty that beauty has insured,

Summer, Winter, daylight and dark.

Our hearts bear witness,

To the changing times,

Our lives, our loves, our wants,

Our distress, our plays, our lines.

We wait on the carousel,

To whirl us around again,

Dizzy and spinning, we dance,

In this moment, the battle of seasons begin.