Blow Another Smoke Ring

by m.s.wardrip
  • ‘It’s not how much money you make. It’s how much money you keep.’
  • ‘The poor and middle-class work for money. The rich have money work for them.
  • ‘It’s not the smart who get ahead, but the bold.’
  • ‘The single most powerful asset we all have is our mind. If it is trained well, it ‘can create enormous wealth.’
  • ‘The rich focus on their asset columns while everyone else focuses on their income statements.’
  • ‘People who avoid failure also avoid success.’

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Blah, Blah, Blah. Ya know whut? Horse doo, that’s waht.

It IS how much money you make and it IS how you use that money to benefit.

The poor work and make little money. The rich work at keeping their money.

It is neither the smart or bold who get ahead, it IS the lucky who get ahead.

Our mind can be our friend or enemy. It can be trained in many diverse ways.

Having assets does NOT make one rich. A large income DOES denote rich.

People who avoid failure or success are avoiding, in other words “Coping-Out”

Now, you should never begin a sentence with “Now,” and I just did.

That’s only one of my little tricks to NOT play the game and I have more.

I set out to explore the exquisite minds and what I found was mush.

No one knows a damn right thing and no one can’t do a damn thing right.

Never is a worthless word. It’s meaning can’t be enforced. Never use never.

If you really want the answer, you’re going to have to ask the right question.

— -m.s.wardrip 1–27–2017

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