by steve wardrip

Hundreds and thousands of years ago,
When no human or animal tread this barren land,
A mist arose and twirled around whirling up the sand,
A mark was left in the soil, through the valley, over the hill.

A blue nosed frog came hopping, looking, moving,
The first tracks were left in the new formed trail,
Life moved like a snail, slow at first, then animals, one then all,
The Buffalo tread like furry steamrollers across the plains to the West.

Finally came man with his long steel rails, whistles, steam, commotion,
Replacing the Buffalo with iron and fire and speed and wheels turning,
A red hot tender box, a conductor’s careful watch, a caboose, a clock,
A hook to catch the mailbag, a window seat, a book, a glimpse of past.

The Empire Builder Sandwich, a Buffalo burger delight in the night,
Fresh water shrimp, non-dairy milk, processed cheese food product,
Sugar-free sweetener, a cup of caffeine free coffee, a diet cheeseburger,
Some zero percent anything rice cakes without the cakes and reduced.

The iron eaters came, devoured the train, the tracks, the fire,
They dug holes where there used to be mountains, fire lit the sky,
The demons came and rearranged Earth, took man, animal and sky,
Fire flew throughout the heavens and the rocks screamed aloud, “Why?”

Empires are built and destroyed, Fires rage and are quenched,
The record will show that brave men spent lives trying to save,
What others disrespected, trashed, dissed or worked to destroy,
Ritual, cowardly thief, holy saint, righteous man, tricky beast, grief.

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