By m.s.wardrip

So and so is a so and so,

I am a this and a that,

You are a____,

I am a ___.

Perhaps you believe it,

Most people do,

Problem is,

Not true!

No rules for us,

Except the ones made,

By the one that made us,


What do we do, me and you?

We do what we’re supposed to do,

We live and make more life,

Takes two.

Man’s solutions bore me to tears,

Mostly based on fears,

Burn the box,

Yes, the box!

Sad is the day,

They say, “You get in that box!”

The rest of love decayed,

By the way, bullshit walks and money talks.

Ride on top of the box,

That is not even there,

It’s man’s fantasy,

Yes, and it’s in the fresh air.

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