Cajun Rap

by m.s.wardrip

Grilled government cheese if you please,

Damn, baby, I’m on my knees,

For some of that catfish-fed grease,

I want me some, I need me some,

Gonna get me some, before I’m done.

Gonna eat crawdads from a porcelain plate,

Gonna drink some purple hooch before it’s too late.

Got the cabbage and the butter and onions in de foil,

Now all I needs me is a half-naked cajun goil.

A little parramore, a twisted sis of someone’s,

Who will lover and feed me up all until I’s done.

Ain’t askin’ for much, ain’t askin’ at all,

Can’t you smell dat andouille sausage boil?

Roll up de sleeves, get down the ax,

This here boogalese gwanna make yer hair stand up like wax,

Want some trax, I ‘ll give you beats, it’s a dig it ya’ll treat,

Gwanna groove between your toes and up your satin sheets!

Down on the very bottom, squirmin’ all around,

Dancin’ in the earth dust bein’ in de ground,

What’s dat happy sound, that’s go round and round?

What dat’s de essence of de change of good news we found.

Colours galore, man wah a bright and light airy scene,

Dat’s the best it’s ever been! Go ask papa, Memaw too,

What’s the bestest yet it’s been fer you?

Dey say the chilrens running to and fro,

Den de comes and hugs you, so sweet you know?

Dat’s livin’ good and with the bad,

It can be de best times you ever had,

Or so low in the sky, make tears roll down eyes cry,

Boo Hoo and sad, but the heart still inside,

So den, happy tears collide with the love deep in hide.

Hand prints of the kids on the attic walls,

Babies grow up to be daddy’s and mama’s,

The ghosts are in the hall.

The afternoon shadows are long on the wall,

The wind picks up and dies down away,

Laying still for eternity, never ceasing,

Then a hurricane stomps, all is for naught.

Then the mighty fiddle wails.

Signals all to forfeit pain and forget,

Dance on the ceiling,

Foot race around on the wall,

Hot coals cross barefoot,

And levitate any way you want to at all.

This is the life, you can’t stop life,

It goes on and on and on,

Forever where it came from,

Until it goes back where it started,

And the song is a round play.

A round to play dat song,

Dat song is in your head and heart,

Stomp dat feet down,

Up from de ground.

Up Cajun, Up!

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