by m.s..wardrip

The body, the mind, the eye… all are moved by Komorebi.

As a child, I reflected filtered love back through the filtered light.

A smoldering cinder, we are, under the surface,

Burning below, burning above, we are filtered,

Fitting like hand in glove, sunlight filtering through the trees.

Cabin on lake, skyscraper in city, talk to tree, meditate in taxi,

In the dungeon cellar of an industrial plant, to a strawberry plant,

An ant, in the sky, an ant on the ground, an ant all around,

To witness reality is a surreal deal, like falling off a carnival ride,

Splashing in the sea and sky at the same time and crying, sighing,

A benevolent event, a picnic tablecloth fly, ant and humans large and small,

We lie face down on the ground looking up at the bottom of the sky,

The sea is near all the time, as it breaths in and out, like a bellows,

The man and women who heed the warning, do not disturb nature!

Ever notice the child, the babe, who never rails against nature, longs for it,

Never doubting it, never forsaking it, but rather, coasting along with it.

The baby’s smile and laugh comes from where? I ask you to smile and laugh.

The love, like Komorebi, comes through the trees, filtered, bright and pure,

Nature is sky and earth and we live somewhere in between and seen.