by m.s.wardrip

Maldatra Island

Many have asked, “Just where is this island you call your Kingdom?”

“Maldatra”, I tell them. “It's in the Asian Sea near San Remigio and Argawanon.”

Maldatra is ruled by the Kingdom of Wardrippa, under the rule of his royal highness HRH, His Excellency, HRH King Wardrippa the 1st. I am him. You may sit down.

When we first bought the island, we were afraid it would rapidly sink into the ocean because of it’s at or below, sea-level altitude. Many places on the island are below sea-level. This is not a risk we take lightly. Thus, a grand tower was constructed and is a beacon for our paradise. Lightra Tower is illuminated.

For many miles around, one can see the Lightra Tower and know of its elegance. It rises like a jewel from the sea. A tall, oval-shaped tower, clear and light lavender with a hint of aqua marine and turquoise embellishments, shining through glass prisms. The effect is stunning in all kinds of natural light. The shimmering skyscraper crystal ascends to a height of 1952 feet, King Wardrippa’s birth year. The tower commemorates the life, times and rule of the king. Many like to tour the castle. At the top is the King’s chambers. Below that is the beacon and beneath that floor is the revolving “Luminios Revolving Restaurant”, a Nightclub appropriately called, “The Top of The World” and a coffee shop called “Tall Grind”

A pendulum swings through an open hole that runs from top to bottom.

The Kingdom allows for commercial use of many floors in the tower. Offices of every size from a whole floor at a time to the smallest closet office you can imagine at an affordable rental price. People need a place to work and we provide that to them. If someone prefers a home, hotel, apartment, condo or even a primitive camping spot, the Kingdom will provide it. Give us adequate notice and we will accommodate just about anyone. Our objective is to make it a better world by helping people to be a part of the solution, chipping in small amounts of their time, energy and effort. If everyone helps a little, everyone gets a lot. Similar to a democracy, this is a monarchy with deliberate actions for the benefit of all. No intention to defraud or short our citizens. We hold them in high esteem. We have the best Kingdom in all of the world.

We are free to come and go according to KOW Rules and Regulations. We have our own currency, The DROP, The DRIP and the Droppy and Drippy. These denominations are the equivalent to $5(Drippy), $10(Droppy), $20(DRIP) and $50(DROPPY) in USA currency. It converts at 100%.

We have no military, but we have protection. We do not intervene in any other’s affairs. We don’t fight was and we don’t attack or overthrow other countries. We do not advocate the overthrow of any country, including the USA. KOW is independent of any man-made laws, foreign or domestic. The law of the land is God’s law and no one knows what the complete extent of that is. King Wardrippa is the leader of this Kingdom. The King makes all the critical decisions. The King has many great advisors. The first order of business was purpose. What is our purpose?

What is our purpose?

Our purpose is to nurture our fellow man by the joining of forces of individuals into a mass individualistic society of good deed doers, culminating in a benefit for each and everyone and for the entire world to enjoy.

Our vision? To speed ahead of old, archaic governance. To replace the failed systems that never worked with ones that do work for the benefit of all people everywhere.

Maldatra Island is vibrant and alive. Everyone is cruising around and being productive, everyone bringing something different to the table and picking up an nice payment at the door. It helps everyone to help everyone. That way, no one feels slighted. Everyone contributes, some greater than others according to their ability to do so. Is it a requirement? No, but the rule here is that if you won’t help yourself, we won’t give you much help, but those who show initiative to help, then, of course, we give top priority to those, with opportunities and assistance. KOW is a compassionate kingdom.

Our lavish exterior keeps us a game player on a global scale. Inside out hearts are the real jewels. Some even have a heart of gold. Some are talented in great ways, others in small ways, but when we all add to the pot, what comes out is a delicious stew. This stew is good for everyone here.

KOW has an “All-In” program anyone can sign up for. In this program, you volunteer all your time, money and effort into the group. For this act, you are compensated with a home, car, food, furnishings, appliances, warranties, insurance, allowance, bank accounts loaded with money and a rewards program that is second to none. All your needs can be met in this program if you submit your life to the project. You take care of the system and the system will take care of you.

You take care of the system and the system will take care of you.

King Wardrippa and the Kingdom of Wardrippa wants everyone in the world to know that you are welcome to join the world force, to do the good work and reap the great benefits. There is power in numbers and we have the numbers. The numbers are growing. The growth is measurable. Growth!

Welcome to the KOW, come one, come all! Yea and loud applause by the King Himself!

Welcome to Maldatra.

Here ye, Here ye, King Wardrippa has spoken.

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