Northwest Passage

by m.s.wardrip

Er the common sight delight of crushed ice,

Upon the old logging road,

Bears crusty memories of falling rock,

To those who were lucky and keen to dodge.

Boulders covered in green soft lace moss,

Layers of organic leaf and twig compressed,

Under packed snow and ice water sure,

The lazy creek’s unfrozen current flows true.

Sad the sun had to go, glad the moon did it’s rize,

The maker of nature, declared a bold stand, aloft,

If you took the breath out of the Earth, the land would moan,

Another star would burn out and be born in the skies.

Then someone will help you and guide you through it,

See, now, what I know is what I use to get to you too,

There is a place you can go secretly, quietly, only for you,

Rest, think, detox, come clean and be fresh. Live, drink and breathe.

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