One Leader and Many Howling Wolves

by m.s.wardrip

(Heard at “Around the Campfire” at Pinetop Campground, Bells Run, Ky.)

We live as one with a beautiful planet, which is one with a vast and complex system. Some say there is a global environmental crisis. To ensure global survival, there must be a strong leader to bring about a fundamental shift in consciousness. This means our laws and rules and relationships to the natural world are brought back into the picture. These natural laws and rules are now, the focus of humanity. Who will this leader be? Where will this leader be found? Who is this leader?

As we play “Follow the Leader”, let’s keep in mind one thing. The first role of the indigenous peoples of the planet Earth and it’s survival is the continuing primary commitment to communicate to all who will listen…”“Our elders tell us that we have to do more than save what is left of our traditional homelands. We need to contribute to an overall change of mind…so that human-kind can begin to initiate strategies which will preserve and sustain the environment all cultures and nations share…”

Our ancestors provided us a responsibility and handed us the ability to preserve, protect and perpetuate our traditional homeland. The leader of our people is tasked with this mission. Our mission or role is to protect what is left of the natural world…with every ounce of strength and every resource at our disposal. Who can this leader be?

As we sit around the campfire, one God encompasses us as our one leader. As we look to our people and realize the unison is because of a strong leader, we look deeper for the wisdom of the elders. The elders say that this leader must be strong, self-chosen, self-directed, loving, kind, firm, knowledgeable, honest, brave, true, loyal, endearing, wise, just, responsible, accountable, forgiving, trusting, intelligent, hard working, noble, courageous, human, spiritual, insightful, helpful, protecting, fierce, sane, prepared, resourceful, humble and able to bring about this fundamental shift in consciousness that unites all people on our traditional homelands with the highest respect for God, our leaders and our fellow man. Who is this leader?

Many howling wolves, one leader.

Who is this leader?

Let us be still now, and listen to this leader.

Let us hear this leader.

Let us hear this leader say, “This is how it is…”