Outline From Dublin

by m.s.wardrip

That’s my flat on the far right, down and up. It’s my castle.
Article I: St. Mary Malt of the Maldives

A. Varnished Cat Food Tins

1. International Branding

2. Local Presence

3. Online Marketing

B. Banishing Brazil Nuts From Vancouver

1. Foreign Nut Activism

2. Collecting Sea Shells

3. Stocking Up On Stocking Stuffing Stocks

C. Washington on $5 Five Dollars A Day

1. Community Shelters

2. Day Labor Camps

3. Creative Sidewalk Solutions

Article II: Selling Varnished Cat Food Tins Online

A. Lonely retired sailors buying habits revealed.

1. Comic Books, Deep Heating Cream and Varnished Cat Food Tins

2. Hot Collectibles Include Specialty Varnished Cat Food Tins

3. Notable Historic Varnished Cat Food Tin Collections.

B. VCFT Blogs

1. Decorating with VCFT

2. Those with VCFT Disabilities

3. Those who served VCFT while entertaining.

C. Canadian Restrictions on VTFC

1. Black Market VCFT’s and How They Affect You

2. Reproduced Fakes in the VCFT World

3. How To Display VCFTs Properly

Article III: Getting Your Varnished Cat Food Tins Registered

A. Hosting a VCFT Registration Event

1. Third Party Varnished Cat Food Tin Appraisers

2. VCFT Auctioneers

3. VCFT Street Dealers

Article IV: Personal Stories of VCFT Addiction

1. I Sold My Soul For VCFTs

2. In Prison For Stealing VCFTs

3. Passionately Obsessed With VCFTs For Life!

Here’s what you can do:
  1. Start your own VCFT Collection.
  2. Join a VCFT Group
  3. Give a VCFT Gift to someone.