by m.s.wardrip


By m.s.wardrip

I live in fear,

My whole life,

I was born in a war,

Grew up in a war,

And I fight a war now.

How did we get here?

Early man, caveman in cave,

Only food he crave,

Kill the beast, eat it’s bitter liver,

Grow the crop, eat the sweetness,

Stop travel,

Grow vegetables,

No meat needed,

Stranger in the night steals crop,

Must stop, Puts up Fence.

Property lines are for fear,

Fear lion, fear beasts, fear thief,

Fear expands,

Now fear is reason to kill,

Reason to hide,

Reason in response to rape, pillage and burn,

Fear is reason to imprison,

Fear is reason for newspaper,

Fear is reason for greed,

Fear of not having enough,

Fear is government rule,

We need government to protect us from fear,

We fear the tax, We fear the car jacks, We fear the terrorists ax,

We fear a lot.

What we need to understand is that fear created itself and feeds upon itself,

We can starve it out by doing the opposite of fear,

Have courage my dear,

Maybe humans will disappear,

and there will be no more fear,

except in the rear,

and we will refer to it as raef.