Role Model Curtain

by m.s.wardrip


Oh, okay, I didn’t know I was expected to “be” one. I thought I already “was” one. It seems that society expects me to operate from behind a concealing curtain, pulling levers, throwing switches and pushing buttons on a central circuit board micro-chipped software program app that was written and formulated by a group of all-knowing, all-seeing, self-righteous social zealots who themselves are operating under the dark shield of secrecy by flipping mind, body and spirit controls. It was never my intention to be a charlatan. Rather, I thought my “role” was to be me. Now, I see I am expected by society to operate as someone else.

If I am to operate as your role model, would you have me bamboozle you, or would you prefer honesty? I could coddle you and tell you nothing bad will ever happen to you or I could tell you that the shit is definitely going to hit the fan someday. Which would you prefer? I could tell you not to worry about a thing that life is peachy-keen and nothing but smooth sailing or I could tell you to be ready, for when disaster strikes, that how you respond is key and that you should have in place a plan to use if ever needed and that plan would include every tool you need to overcome the peril of the disaster, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

I don’t think you decide to be a role model. I think you decide to be yourself.

I also believe. Believe in what? That our journey is predestined. This is where you decide to be yourself. It has a lot to do with internal trust, faith in the unseen and justification of self. Everything has a purpose, even us. I believe this is truth. I believe what many people expect is conformity and I don’t conform to that notion. I am a non-conformist and I, as your role model expect you to be as well. Don’t be nobody’s nobody, okay?

I want to be somebody’s somebody, not necessarily a hero and I suppose I am, even though, I’m not the role model put up by some. I am imparting wisdom, no doubt, whether it be the wisdom of a role model or the wisdom of a rebellious spirit. Do you prefer truth or bullshit? Fact or fiction?

There was a certain individual, unnamed of course, to protect the innocent, who decided it was all of man’s duty to correct the course of other’s lives. To this individual, I say this, “Was it worth it to screw up someone’s life? Did you reach your quota? Do the spreadsheets show a favorable outcome? How can you even live with yourself, knowing you destroyed something as beautiful as a human life? Do you know what? I hope the victims recover and know you for who and what you are.”

The curtain is coming down and being removed from the theatre.

There is a new show on the stage tonight. It’s called “I’m doing it regardless.”

There is an old show playing too. It’s called “You must do it my way.”

My show is on right now. It’s called “The Rolling of the Role Model”