Room Full of Computers

By mark steven wardrip

Architecture, Art and Function

By function, I mean technology running exceptionally well.

A room full of geeks tells only part of the story.

Behind every geek are two more geeks who multiply with research.

One program represents millions of geeks.

One geek can hold multiple sets of software.

Collaboration is the key to a room full of geeks at computers.

To expand together is expected,

To ever finish is not required,

To live, to grow, to prosper enjoyed.

Have you hugged cyber-space today?

Did you play in the online sandbox?

Did you interact with a complete stranger?

Did you show them how it should be?

I want what I want for me and I want to belong to a community,

You can see forever as long as you head for the horizon,

They say don’t get bogged down in unhealthy work,

Work is healthy exercise.

Work is a dress rehearsal,

The real deal comes later,

The payoff, the reward,

The punishment, the curse.

See? It all balances out,

Man and machine,

Artificial men, artificial intelligence,

Real robots, androids and flying machines that fly themselves.

Someone has to ask, “What’s next?”,

Cyber colonies in space,

We’ve barely scratched the surface of this interface,

We’ll mirror mankind with wires, batteries, circuits and transceived data.

Star Wars will really blow up real spaceships,

Deceived men will continue believing this is a victory,

Men will try to kill each other with keystrokes,

Women will keep it looking beautiful.