Scathing and Scorching

by m.s.wardrip

I try to enter several locked doors of the church. I fail. I curse.

Falling on the ground, crawling in the leaf-filled ditch, I squirm.

Nothing in the rule book says I can’t act out inside my head, so I do.

Tenacity is too nice a word to use here.

We are her target as she is aiming for the heart.

She is this enemy that won’t go away. I silently scream at her.

She is not amused, nor does she find humor in that.

I lie in the mud, shrieking inside, looking for a way out.

She comes near and I lash out. She vanished! The elusive evil.

I take up the pitchfork and move forward. I am strong.

Returning to the shameful scene, I wither for a moment in fear,

Then jumping into the air and staying there, I defy her to torment me.

Her sustenance is fear, nothing more, nothing less. I do not fear fear.

I fear I may not destroy her completely as she is my enemy.

Rather, I triumph in choice. I can choose anything I want.

If it doesn’t exist, I can make it, create it, manufacture it, form it.

I form a bond with good, I forge a trust with the positive.

Destroying negative spirits is a must for any conscientious living creature.

Some live only to die. Others die only to live. I live and die ongoing.

The crabs who crawl up your body, trying to get into the mind, fail.

They fail because the other crabs pull them back down in jealousy.

Bad and evil spirits try to defeat us with cunning and trickery.

They are transparent and easily dissolved. Slash them into a million pieces.

Watch their bubble burst every time you call good for help. Pop,pop,pop.

Now, enjoy the scenery because it’s about to get so much better. No fear.

No fear and we can talk it out of being.

Bye fear, you sucked then and you suck now.

You will forever until you die the slow but sure death, be evil.

I don’t tolerate evil. Be defeated now! Bye ex-evil. You are wasted vapor.

I do like a good refreshing levitation. So nice up here. So relaxing and safe.

Scathing and Scorching, the two bitches, are in the box that won’t open.

We are safe. Never again can we be tricked. Never again bad spirits. Never.

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