She Caught A Hot Shell Casing In Her Cleavage

by m.s.wardrip

(click link for video”

The outcome is determined by the input. No magic here.

That’s all delusion, the whole ball of wax. Either it is true or it’s false.

“Made by Man” is usually false because of his severe limitations, consequently, the truth is all powerful and unlimited.

Truth exists in our Universe as does fallacy. The rules say this, “You may think anything you wish.” Yes, you may think you know truth or lie and you should because the gift of interpreting good and evil is given. We may choose freely. We must discern good from evil and we have the necessary means to do that. Our one great resource is that we are interconnected to the Universal intelligence that created life and all that is the Universe.

All there is was created by the thinker.

Now, go and think.

Don’t wait until you catch a hot shell in your cleavage.