by m.s.wardrip


I hit my thumb with a hammer…. SNICKAGARINGA!

My neighbor’s kid broke my window… SNICKAGARINGA!

My spouse ran away with motorcycle gang.. SNICKAGARINGA!

I fell off my bike and broke my nose. SNICKAGARINGA!

The New Curse Word = SNICKAGARINGA…

Snickagaringas live behind the gas station next to the dumpster under cardboard boxes.
Snickagaringas trick us and take our money by roleplaying games.
Snickagaringas are known for being trustworthy until an opportunity comes along to steal from you.
Snickagaringas don’t care about themselves or anyone else.
Snickagaringas are ignorant.
Snickagaringas are arrogant.
Snickagaringas are pompous.
Snickagaringas are apathetic.
Snickagaringas are delusional.
Snickagaringas make me want to say Snickagaringa!


Snickagaringas make me sick.
Snickagaringas can suck a Snickagaringa!
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