The Italian Pineapple Family LLC

You come highly recommended. Your health is of great importance to us. We want to see to it that you succeed. We will support you in every way as long as your efforts are good for the family. You will prosper with us if you walk the narrow line. Do not veer off the line. Do not cross the line. We will kill you if you cross us. Welcome to the family. Now, let us celebrate independence!

You will like the healthy results of guaranteed wealth and you will discover the love of proven safety of the family that saves your life.

Your life will be powerful. Who is the most important person in the world? Of course, it is you. Wrong! The most important person is the Don, for it is the Don who keeps the family together, and it is the family who supports, protects and corrects you. Never forget this!

Pineapples are sweet and firm. The Don is sweet and firm. The outside is rough and the skin is thick and tough, but on the inside is sweet nectar. Inside that is a core so strong and full of vigor, such as to defy logical convention.

I challenge you to find a better opportunity. This one is free, offers a free training program, guarantees results, builds character, instills morals, enlightens, illuminates true freedom, health, wealth, camaraderie, self-worth, caring, sharing with the family and your only qualification is loyalty.

You are a loyal subscriber to our campaign.

Your first assignment is to report to the Don.

If he likes you, you stay.

If he doesn’t like you, you leave.

If he gets angry with you, you run.

If he wants to work with you, you work hard.

If he says something, you believe it, because,

If he says something, it goes!

This family has been around for a long, long time. We are powerful.

Our money, fortunes and treasures are kept in a secret vault in the Golden Triangle at a secret location, known only to an elite few, sworn to secrecy with their lives, and signed in blood. You will be required to add to these fortunes and by doing so, raise your level within the organization. It is this process that will propel your future ranking in the Royal Italian Pineapple Family Limited Liability Company.

Here is your chance to be bold. Here is your chance to be rewarded for your efforts. Here, you can be rewarded for you honor and loyalty. Here, you can share the pie.

A NEW Family Member Is Inducted! YOU!





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