The Melung Sky

by m.s.wardrip

Sultry. The red night sky shimmered in velvet waves of translucent light beams that reverberated across the ocean to distant tropical islands. My sense of smell detected a burnt, metallic taste of iron, or meteorite, or space metal. I gained a magnetic attraction to the deep dark, blue sea. The fast figures darted across the sandy floor just under the breaking waves. Plumes of spirits vaporized above the deep on the ocean surface, dancing like flames, liquid flames, burning in the bright red moonlight. My thoughts all race to Delacruz, the trusting friends I have there, the great influence they have had on me. I wish so much to return to their loving ways. It is so crazy here. The people are mad with what they think is progress. Unknowing, they had paradise once. Now they fritter it away with each new highway, store, bank, house, building development, factory, plant, clearing, dozing and burning. The original landscape is unrecognizable. It looks like a playground for adults, not a lush forest meant for humans and animals. The nature gods are angry. They are about to unleash a retribution so powerful, it will shake the very foundation of the ocean floor.

The ripping sound of tearing cloth got so monterpusly loud just before the explosive first major eruption. It was scientifically determined later that the ocean floor itself had ripped itself open, exposing molten magma which quickly sent ripples of massive steam pockets racing to the surface, creating gigantic tidal waves. It sent those huge waves crashing around the Earth. Many hundreds of thousands of people, property, life and limb were lost to the raging storm. The Tsunami’s smashed every coast on every beach. The volcano and the storms that ensued reached epic proportions and many, many lives were destroyed. The toll of human loss was utterly indescribable. The situation was dire and it grew even worse. The collateral damage and the wide-spread devastation was spreading fear and disease all over the world. This was starting to look like the end of mankind. The terrible situation got worse. Food supplies were running out. World charities were stretched beyond their means and governments could no longer effectively quell food riots or stop militant gangs from raping, pillaging and looting. Just when a sick, damaged and diseased world thought it could take no more, the unthinkable happened.

A loud moan was heard around the world. The moans be came screams and shrieks. The volume intensified, starling every man, woman, child and beast on the planet. There were a few moments of silence, then another tremendous tremble, a tremor felt around the world. The sky went from dark to bright sunlight instantly and a miracle happened. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean a groan started to ripple out… and it got steadily, louder, louder, louder until… all at once… it let out an earthshaking roar, a gush of energy directed straight up toward the moon and sun… a force so grand and exuberant that it proved nothing this monumental had ever been experienced by Earth and it’s inhabitants, you and I.

Mother Earth was giving birth. She was pregnant and her belly had grown full to the gestation period. Mother was roaring with birthing pains. She was in labor and about to deliver the baby.

All at once, the world grew silent, the lights brightened a bit and wham! A small replica of Earth came gushing forth from the ocean. Like a space shuttle taking off from the launch pad, like a thousand whales jumping up into the air, like a planet giving birth to a little planet.

She was out and up, spinning as she goes, taking her proper place in orbit.

What a wonderful graduation present. The grandparents are taking the new little graduate to the newest Earth satellite moon, Melung for a vacation. Meling takes her place by her brother, Lun. Lun and Melung are happy siblings. They orbit and wink at each other, knowing, all along, the secrets of the universe. Mom Earth and Father Sun are well pleased with their little offspring. Melung and Lun are having fun in the sun. Lun and Mel are well and Mom Earth makes sure of that. She nurtures them, loves them and mothers them like no other. She provides, together with her husband, Father sun and his father’s fathers and all of the whole family. There are cousins, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, inlaws and outlaws in this universal family. Some friends are loving and kind and some are mean and scary. It all comes with the territory.

It is comforting to know that more planets are friendly. There are some rogue planets. Let’s hope they keep their distance while we grow our family here in this neighborhood.

Melung is crying and Lun calms her fears. Mom and Dad look on with loving affection.

Good night. Sleep tight. All is well. Ah….

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