There’s A Button For That

By m.s.wardrip

I really could use a good massage… since I’ve never had one.

A country home, a city home, a Summer home, a Lake home, a Beach home, a Mountain home… a Foreign home or two or three… I could use all of these.

My own company where I just call to find out how much more money I made today. Yes!

A private transportation company where I could choose how I want to travel. Ah, yes.

A big bathtub to soak in complete with bubbles and a little rubber ducky. Blub, Blub.

A bank account to match my whims is a must for the discriminating mogul. That’s me.

For the lady… A 24/7 Fashion Store that stocks her favorites. She will like this.

A place just for babies and mamas, a place to hang out, breast feed, change diapers, rock.

A house, car, credit card and a cellphone, all paid for in advance with generous limits. Ya

Free meals at your favorite restaurants, free gas pumping and free salon/spa visits for life!

For both men and women Free therapists, psychiatrists, psychoanalyst, counselors, coachs.

Free Heath/Fitness clubs, Resorts, Casinos, Cruises, Tours, Flights, Trains, Busses, Taxis

Annual celebrations in your honor in exotic locations, publicity, fame and fortune. Wow!

Any advisors, consultants, experts, gurus, specialists, tutors, teachers, professors, doctors!

Free everything, free job, free career, free education, free bank account, free insurance and expenses, free lifestyle, free domestic servants, free mechanics, technicians, helpers.

Your hearts desires fulfilled, your dreams realized, your wishes materialized…

Perfect health, wealth and happiness.

There is a button for that.

Push it!