You Can Leave The Room

By m.s.wardrip

Your built-in operating system is the best.

When you utilize your intuitive consciousness it opens doors to other rooms.

I just had the experience of going into another’s room and getting that person to go into another room with me. They didn’t stay long, but in that realm, there is no time. In that room there is a display of knowledge. There is no judgment, it is but a portal to equality. As smooth as you want it to be, it can be a euphoric experience. It’s a high-def webcam full of access and transparency of phenomenal information. A fantastic inclusion to this point of contact is provided by your own personal password only your soul knows. You have cosmic access 24/7. You can simplify your life by downloading this data to your internal hard drive soul. You can look on and get a good idea. You just mimic cyber communication handshakes with reality of the realms. Chose your realm and go there. Take someone with you or visit other realms with or without people.

Sure, you can leave the room.