28 Dec ’20: Responsible Tech Bulletin

  1. Behavioral experiments with 10,000 Indians and Kenyans shows that trying to increase comprehension of privacy policies is mostly a lost cost. Instead, users want simple rules of thumb like star ratings, or more anchoring/norming messages. Full results: https://bit.ly/2WECnAQ
  2. Banning Chinese vendors in 5G would not only risk weakening indebted telcos and creating a new monopoly, it won’t solve all security issues. @amannair_’s piece recommends a cybersecurity policy (incl. encryption) and stronger competition policy @cis_india http://bit.ly/38AF7EK
  3. Joint submission by @cis_india, @ITforChange, others on rules governing platform workers highlights areas for improvement- (i) insufficient, unclear coverage (ii) lack of representation for unions (iii) no data rights for workers (iv) centralised database https://bit.ly/37IDfea
  4. Elections are becoming increasingly sophisticated data exercises. Which is why this essay on @cis_india’s website is important. Highlights how India’s privacy bill may apply to elections, and important divergences from Europe’s approach. http://bit.ly/2WUHdKB




India is rapidly digitising. To get the most from this digital transformation, we need the widespread adoption of responsible tech practices: inclusion, privacy, security, transparency and good governance. This publication summarizes the work of leaders working towards that goal.

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Subhashish Bhadra

Subhashish Bhadra

Principal, Omidyar Network. Rhodes Scholar, Stephanian. Investing in privacy and good ID. Researching on economics of data. Photo By: Access Ventures.

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