Architecture & the Future of Work

Responsive Org newsletter — July 14, 2018

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Architecture sometimes feels like org. design’s poor cousin. We all know the design of physical spaces matter but spend more time debating Holacracy vs. Team of Teams or the merits of empathy vs. compassion.

So, we thought we’d devote a newsletter to discussing architecture and the future of work.

First, a couple of book recommendations:

And speaking of how we design physical spaces, “Beyond Open Offices” is a great article by Fog Creek Software about the design of their new HQ. Also, take a gander at Fog Creek’s CEO, Anil Dash, in conversation with Robin Zander at Responsive Conference 2017.

We’re pleased to have Matthias Hollwich onstage at this year’s Responsive Conference. Matthias is the co-founder of the New York design firm HOLLWICH KUSHNER and the author of “New Aging: Live Smarter Now to Live Better Forever.” Here’s a recent article by Hollwich Kushner published on how and why to build great spaces that attract great people.

What are your top books and articles on architecture and design? Send them our way!

Wishing you the best in your change efforts,
-The Responsive Team