Responsive Org… and behavior change?

Responsive Org Newsletter — June 30, 2018

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The more time we spend thinking about organization design, the more we’ve come to believe that organization problems are really just human problems at scale. And so many human problems come down to simple tactics like baby steps, empathy, asking questions — and behavior change.

Thus, we thought to compile a short list of tools for behavior change.

If you don’t already, start by following BJ Fogg, PhD. His Tiny Habits program is the best we’ve seen to teach principles of behavior change. Also, take a listen to this interview of BJ Fogg by Robin Zander, too.

Then, read:

We also just stumbled across Dylan Marron’s TED talk “How I Turn Negative Online Comments Into Possible Offline Conversation.” Even though the word “empathy” has been on the rise over the last 2 years, the idea of empath is not well understood. The core idea of this TED talk — that “Empathy is not Endorsement” — is super powerful.

The Robin Zander Show has been on a bit of a hiatus while Robin been deep in the weeds curating Responsive Conference, but he’s just posted a new episode of Aaron Dignan’s keynote at the Responsive Conference 2017 — “Let’s Disrupt the Modern World of Work”. Hear how our most trusted and important institutions — in business, healthcare, government, philanthropy, and beyond — are struggling, and what can be done.

Finally, we’ve just read “Bad Blood: Lies and Secrets in a Silicon Valley Startup” about the biotech company, Theranos. The book is an easy read and starts off a lot like the Walter Isaacson memoir of Steve Jobs (which is great), but it quickly takes a dark turn. It is a bit of an organization horror story, highlighting all of the things not to do to build a successful company culture.

Wishing you the best in your change efforts,
-The Responsive Team