Lawrence Hall of Science, September 19–20, 2016 Conference: Call for Presenters

We are thrilled to announce the first annual Conference! We have already been receiving numerous requests to present at the conference, so we are now putting out a formal call for presenters.

This conference is the first of it’s kind. It is the first global effort to further the future of work. Embodying experiential learning and a diversity of thought, we are furthering the goals of the myriad meet-ups and un-conferences that have already been occurring all around the world for over two years.

People coming together, in person, makes a huge difference on collective learning and the ways that we can impact one another. This conference becomes an ideal meeting ground for people across disciplines to learn and grow together.

To be considered as an applicant, we will need a couple of things from you:

1. Read this blog post we wrote about what makes a good conference.

Essentially, we want you to do your research! Compelling applications make it clear to us how great of a fit you will be at the event — and you can’t do that without getting acquainted with our values and goals for this conference. While you’re at it, you should also check out our website and public drive.

2. Please submit a video of you speaking:

Why do we want a video? It’s the best way we know how to evaluate your ability to serve a room full of listeners. You can send us an example of a recorded speech, or record yourself speaking if you have great ideas but less experience. We need to see that you’re one of two things: a serious, experienced speaker, or serious enough about being involved in this kind of event that you take the time to record the video.

Due to the high number of applicants, we cannot consider people who do not have a video. Fortunately you have time to record one — so start talking!

3. Fill out this google form, telling us how you fit into the pre-existing community and what uniquely you will bring to the conference.

This is going to be a one of a kind conference — not another lecture format with multiple people speaking from stage. We cannot emphasize enough how high of a value we place on place experiential learning rather than sit-and-absorb learning.

Describe for us what kind of interactive, engaging experience you can bring to the table — and your video should support your description. Are you great at interviews, or do you prefer being interviewed? Are you an ace at facilitating a group of people? Perhaps you’re best at hosting a space in which an Unconference can happen. Ultimately, we want to know why you’re amazing, and how that amazing-ness relates to values and the agenda of our conference.

Please note: the deadline for applications is July 22, 2016.

We believe in transparency.

Privacy <> Transparency is one of the tenants of the manifesto — and our selection process is influenced by all of those principles. After the deadline, our staff will review applications, and we’ll be thinking about these things:

Hierarchies <­> Networks & Controlling <­> Empowering

There is a given hierarchy and an element of control in the speaker/audience relationship — how does your presentation disrupt this hierarchy, empower audiences, and help us come together?

Planning <­> Experimentation

How can presentations allow an experiential learning environment? Have you left enough flexibility in your format to allow both presenters and audiences to experiment with new frameworks? Perhaps you’re trying something new for this conference. Let us know.

Profit <­> Purpose

Our budget is public information! Take a peek at what we’re working with. Numbers tell a story, and you can see for yourself what story we’re telling.

Presenting is hard work.

And sometimes scary. We know. But — there are a lot of resources available for you. We really liked this blog post by Inbound about how to become a better presenter. Feel free to use it as a reference!

Finally, we want to say:

Thank you so much for applying, for your interest in getting involved with, and for your enthusiasm about the Future of Work.

We can’t wait to see you at the conference on September 19th — it’s going to be a truly inspiring event.

*Deadline for applying: July 22, 2016.

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