Berlin #1 — Estonians in the jungle

Binary oppositions, putting white on one side and black on the other, chaos with creativity on one, and order with numbers on the other, are deeply wired within human brain. Two brain hemispheres we possess proves it without comprehension. Creativity lies within chaos — within a jungle of metaphors and abstract ideas, while expressing them is the task of orderly manner. Artist is like a hunter who goes to hunt in unknown lands — he jumps into the chaos and brings something orderly back, whether it’s an image, a song or an articulated thought. In the center of opposition always stands a wall, sometimes physical, sometimes symbolical, sometimes both. Berlin had one, and due to its both physical appearance and sociological significance, it acted as a catalyzer for massive manifestation of abstract ideas which were lingering within depths of mass consciousness. A reason to scream your thoughts out via metaphors and symbols.

Berlin is done with walls now, but remnants of these viscous historical events are there, being seeds for a complex cultural forest to grow. Even though its facade is clean and systemized, within lanes and alleys lies pockets of creativity where every inch is personalized, where walls become canvases for the dreamlike nature of human thought, shining with identity and detail. Berlin is a jungle in it’s most literal sense, the only difference from Amazon is the shape of it, but fractal nature and overwhelming wilderness is the same. It surges with creativity, thus being part of it grants constant stimulation of one’s imagination, strongly resembling the idea of creative city coined by David Yencken and developed by Charles Landry. They state that every city has loads of hidden developmental potential, and if with proper conditions are met, ordinary people can make extraordinary happen. Creativity here is the main fuel shaping decisions within multiple domains (political especially), and is discussed as a form of applied imagination, thus developing imaginative qualities of citizens is a straightforward way to urban expansion.

So Edward, being a master of depicting the peculiar features of Estonian identity, came here to continue the quest of opening the time portals all around the Europe, while sharpening his creative capabilities in parallel by temporarily inhibiting one of the most creative urban environments western civilization has to offer.

His mind is the sky. His thoughts are the clouds. Suddenly he materializes as a distinctive scent of spraypaint. And just as you try to find the source of it, he vanishes into abstraction, only leaving his mark on a wall.

Even though Berlin might be done with walls, Edward is not. Old Estonians tingle his sixth sense hinting their curiosity, hence he abruptly summoned the time portals.

Lembit realized that discussing metaphysics with stones inhibited his ability to have a casual chat with human, thus he decided to sharpen his human language skills by appearing in his favorite local bar.

Lembit realized that discussing metaphysics with stones inhibited his ability to have a casual chat with human, thus he decided to sharpen his human language skills by appearing in his favorite local bar.

Knowing Ats#Pets’ harshly anti-capitalist and anti-globalist worldviews you could’ve expected the politically incorrect lyrics they started to sing here. Gladly enough, Berliners seem to enjoy their performance.

Miina, holding stone-hard bread as weapon, is here to protect Estonian superstars from crazy fans.

Liisu, knowing how attracted towards sparkling lights artistic people sometimes become, appeared within one of the creative cores Berlin has, RAW-Gelände neighborhood, which is famous for hundreds of thousands of people coming here to party every night.

Miina and Enn had sour taste of fame once, when the bread they bake became so popular that all their farm got filled with people wanting to get more of it, leaving no space for chickens, thus they are delighted for appearing onto such a peculiar background.

Estonian house in Berlin opened a wall, which didn’t got unnoticed by old Estonians. Here a whole bunch of them stand with grace, inviting for a dialogue anyone who is passing by.

But this is just a beginning. The inspiration Berlin provides is unprecedented, hence Edwards’ sky-like mind exploded with shooting stars, brightening the sky with colored glow of creativity. His mission is nowhere near being done.

To be continued…