Half way done!

Does traveling change you? It should be questioned how does traveling change you instead, because it undeniably does. Every new visiting introduces you with new culture, new worldviews, new perspective on aesthetics and values. People’s ideas and behavior varies greatly depending on their culture.

Century old Estonians went on a great adventure of conquering Europe, and in half a year they managed to visit 6 countries: Belgium, Italy, Finland, Germany, Denmark and France. What city did they liked the most? What are their thoughts on this adventure?

Lembit loves old rocks, because the older they are, the more cool stories they know. Thus unsurprisingly, the most memorable place for him was Rome — a city which does resemble a huge monument for time and unchanging human nature. Every street here has a scent of deep history, every corner in the old town presents the visitor with new museum-like encounters. Lembit’s favorite rock was Coliseum. That guy managed to remember tons of ancient Roman jokes.

Maali, the spinner, the most athletic of all time travelers, memorized Copenhagen as a place where her talents brought the largest crowd. Freetown Christiania turned out to be a cozy place for her settlement, and despite the intoxicated stereotype of this place, they had the best veggie burgers, which turned out to be a perfect post-workout meal. Maali looks at everybody with grace and challenges every stranger for a dance battle.

Vitamin D is a huge issue for the northerners, so Liisu is incredibly happy to be able to help poor Fins with her innovative Vitamin D generating spinning wheel. She told that after she teleported there, people began to constantly come over because of her healing powers. Interestingly enough, Helsinki city mayor even decided to honor Liisu as a national hero because of a tremendous input she did to improve the health of locals. But she, being a humble Estonian, refused the offer, arguing that it’s simply her mission, and giving an award for her is the same as honoring bees for producing honey.

The famous bagpipers, Ats#Pets, love being a part of resistance and underground movements, thus their favorite place is undeniably Berlin. Local club culture, street art, unique people and the monument for resistance — Teufelsberg — stuck in their minds as the place where they want to live, play music and express the anti-capitalist rage with their energetic bagpipe ever so more. Their latest single “My mom is a refugee” became instant hit here.

Miina&Enn decided to stick with their honeymoon destination — Paris. Although the romance this city features is really twisted, but that actually made them like the place even more. Local fashionistas approved Enn’s dress, and their bread did good impressions for local baguette masters. During their stay they even established a business relationship with local baguette bakery.

The fancy girls, Hämar, Pauliine & Leelo, are all about parties and good looking rich guys. They found that in every city they visited, thus deciding which one is their favorite was tough. After a couple of glasses of wine they settled with Brussels because of uniquely dual nature of the city. During the summer it features an incredibly intense nightlife, while winter brings here the fanciest and richest guys to work in various European institutions. It’s a city of extreme contrasts, and these girls do surely love them.

But what about Longus himself? Does he have any opinion? His sacred rituals of opening the portals enhanced so many walls, so many cities became knowledgeable of Estonia because of him. With silent steps and magic spray he managed to translate idiosyncratic Estonian features on to the walls of Europe, and to transfer deep insights on the current state of world with the help of his dancing Death.

Silence got disturbed by quite movement of hand, spraying “Estonia” on to the air. The answer is clear. And Hedgehog agrees.

First half of the epic quest presented a huge amount of challenges, a lot of mysterious encounters and astonishing experiences, but Estonians want more. This mission is just half way done, the air is still filled with mysterious energy and more portals need to be opened, thus rigorous sight of Edward freezes anybody who’s about to celebrate, reminding that more work has to be done. Off to the void he goes now, and who knows where next he might appear.