London, stretching the sky

If you stand still and listen, you might hear a peculiar vibration: it’s the never-ending flow of capital, the massive waterfall of financial assets, the energy of top 1%. You’re in London, in a huge shapeshifting metropolis which swaps his mask on every corner, forming a labyrinth of countless streets contoured in countless different shapes. The city is insanely rich in all domains: it’s a financial hub of the world; a place where the most famous artists reside; a network of hundreds of squats inhibited by the most peculiar people; a social mixture of every nationality you can think of, roofed in a single area; and more, and more…

London is a city filled with power, richness within multiple domains, and people from all around the world. It’s a place where you have to stretch you imagination to even start comprehending how huge and complex it is, how immensely it is stretching the sky with mile high skyscrapers, how broadly it’s stretching the boundaries of creativity with countless galleries and painted walls in streets, how prodigiously it’s stretching the social sphere with such a cosmopolitan citizen profile, how vastly it’s stretching your mind due to its overwhelming variety.

Being in the center of London feels like standing in a whirlpool, where every second is a test of your capability to stand still. But instead of water, here you’re being swirled by masses of people. Attempts to comprehend this perplexity are diffused within the vortex, and overtaken by a respectful awe towards the weight of this great city. Most of the countries have less diversity than a square mile of central London. And while the center stands out with fancy skyscrapers, expensive cars and shiny clothes, suburbia is filled with corners of unrestrained creativity.

By flying over the night sky of London Edward sensed an outstanding energy here: most of the globe is being effected by this tiny concentration of skyscrapers. Here agreements are made which more or less touch nearly everybody in the world. Edward senses a potential for conspiracy. Is this a city, or a company in disguise?

London is just as home for progress and innovation, as it is for social inequality and problematic power relations. It’s one of the most heavily surveilled metropolises in the world, where no sniff goes unnoticed, thus Edward brought with him a couple of macabre friends, who find their aggressive stances perfect for this city.

Who stole your heart? Or is it you yourself who willingly gave it away?

Despite all the dispute and social problems which are apparent here, Estonians are nonetheless keen to see what this famous city is all about, and Edward is quick to respond. Vauxhall neighborhood invited them to present their cultural idiosyncrasies in the streets, and knowing how many clubs are around here, Estonians are more than happy to appear. People say that London never sleeps, but Edward knows how to make it dark enough that nobody would notice him being anywhere. A passer by smells only the distinctive smell of spray paint, but Edward remains unnoticed…

... Only his portals leave a mark of his existence.

Cosmopolitan profile of citizens offer a multinational communicative experience where you can try any cuisine on nearly any corner, and speak with any nationality on nearly any street. Citizens of London are surprisingly friendly and easy going. Perhaps it’s this high residential concentration what eliminates social anxiety and makes people talkative, thus locals are quick to befriend these lovely Estonians. Attention animates them, and a timeless conversation begins, where no time nor space are obstacles.

One mission after another, Edward goes through Europe conquering the walls. He might be faceless, but his smell is easy to spot. Now his body coverts in a thousand little London taxi cars, and disappears within cosmopolitan reality, but nobody knows what does future hold. Listen in to the tranquility of night and you might hear the sound of spray. But no panic needed, it’s just a transdimentional spell being cast on your wall. The oh so smart Hedgehog suggests to stay still if you wish to avoid the inconvenience of being stuck between dimensions, as Miina and Enn happened to be.