First contact: Tallinn

Unlike all the usual big stories, which begin somewhere small, this one makes its first heavy step in Tallinn — a cozy metropolitan city of Estonia, the capital of these peculiarly smart mystical creatures called Estonians. The city is famous for a number of traits: its decorative history of medieval times, featuring a unique old town surrounded in citadel fortifications; its long and diverse coastline, being home for both fancy yachts, and abandoned shacks; its prosperous cultural life, with art festivals happening nearly every week. And now Tallinn can rise it’s head for having a new peculiarity: it’s crowned as the first permanent home to transcendental time portals made by Edward von Lõngus. Even though mysterious Edward might not even be an Estonian (or human at all), but his affection towards this tiny Nordic country is undeniable.

Once the Nordic summer night settles in, Edward gets confused — it’s not dark. North has different rules of the game, here the summer nights don’t leave any single minute of complete darkness, with approximately only three hours of this gloomy dusk for nocturnals, like Edward, to get out of their liars.

His feet are touching the cold pavement, his swift body is surfing thought the sleeping city with one clear mission: connect old Estonians with the present day thorough the portals made out of nothing more than enchanted spray-paint. You can feel the determination in the atmosphere, and even smell the adventurous spirit surrounding his body. Edward freezes for a moment. There are snowflakes tranquilly falling from a clear summer sky, indicating that the portal is ready to be summoned.

Seagulls sleep, people dream of sleeping seagulls, houses stand like silent concrete monsters with asleep people inside, and wind tenaciously waves though the sleeping forest of concrete houses, freezing its movement only once — when it hits the ever so sleepless EvL. He, who never sleeps. He, who makes no other sound, but the silent spray of paint.

Lembit looks around and makes a conclusion: the Tallinn Citadel is nearly the same as before, but stones in pavement are different here, then they used to be. His hopes for meeting some granitians (a specific race of stones) for a chat were disappointed, but he is thankful nonetheless. He brings presents from his time: a bunch of speaking stones from his local stone-club. These guys have a rather specific sense of humor, only talking in Estonian proverbs with various words changed into ‘Kivi’, meaning ‘Stone’ in Estonian.

As polar night (or rather morning) fills the atmosphere with misty glow, Edward changes his location in order to continue his quest. This time it’s Miina & Enn who are manifesting into material. Due to malfunctioning teleport machine they have in their barn, they became stuck in endless sea of zeros and ones, a digital limbo where seemingly both nothing and everything are present at the same time. EvL gives them a glance to current reality leaving this couple of bakers floating in mid-air, from where they can calmly observe the city.

Unsurprisingly enough, all of this action gathers a lot of attention, and people, like a bunch of birds who stumbled upon a stack of delicious treats, investigates these peculiar anomalies during the day. Piles of stones invites citizens for a dialogue, who using their primitive methods of textual communication conveys their messages to 100 years ago. And even though stones are mostly used to nonverbal telepathic communication, they are still happy to see what people have to say, and plan a time-bending party for a celebration. Lembit had never seen so many cameras in one place, and Miina & Enn were impressed how deeply people are dependent on this digital medium where they had been stuck in. Miina reasons: ‘This endless stream of data we are stuck in has to be your digitized thoughts, transferred via those fragile glass rectangles you carry all the time. Please stop your foolish arguments about topics you have no competence in, it makes the zeros and ones so bold that we can’t see each other!’.

Meanwhile in the middle of sea stands EvL, persistently meditating and blending with the waves. He slowly vanishes in to abstraction with his feet merging with the depths of sea, and his eyes diffusing into clouds above it. He tranquilly blows a current of wind, as an adieu until another transmission arrives.