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Major Congregations in the Carolina Union

These are the congregations that play key roles in the “Restive Souls” timeline.

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Major congregations within the Restive Souls timeline as of this writing:

This file is fluid and subject to change as the novel nears completion.


*Note: The Carolina Union Constitution requires all congregations to be Christian, but this rule is routinely ignored for Jewish congregations, as well as a number of Native American congregations.

**Historical note: The United Methodist Congregation of Christ’s Union was formed out of segregation concerns after the Savannah Wars of 1820–23 (described in the second half of the novel, Restive Souls). The congregation combined the African Methodist Congregation of Christ’s Union with the Anglican Methodist Congregation of Christ’s Union. This effectively ended the remaining white nationalist resistance.

The Moravian Catholic Congregation, started by associates of Guillaume Diderot, was relocated to Christ’s Union, Carolina, formerly known as Charles Town.

Nzâmbi City, Texas is known to us as San Antonio. Nzâmbi means supreme being in the Kikongo language (Kongo)

Map of the Texas region of the Carolina Union, circa 2020

This map is a reference for the novella, The Trial of Summary James.

Map from The Trial of Summary James — Copyright 2020 by C.E. White

The Changing congregational map of the early 19th century Carolinas

Congregations are similar to corporations of our world. The most prosperous quickly expand. This began as early as the 19th century. See this historical article by Emmet Bolo for more on this.

Map by Charles Bastille

The Trial of Summary James is a teaser for the novel Restive Souls. The cast of characters is different, but the alternative timeline is based on the same historical record. It can be purchased from the online store of your choice here:

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