Do We Need to Be Religious in Order to Follow a Spiritual Path?

The difference between religion and spirituality

It is surprising to observe that to this day, many people confuse spirituality and religion.

Religions started with spiritual teachers. These spiritual teachers realized that underneath all the beliefs that had been poured into their subconscious throughout their lives, that something remained pure, untouched, clean — their essence. This essence is often called the soul, consciousness, the divine, awareness, and so on.

As they realized their true nature, in actually experiencing it, and not just “knowing” about it — they reached what is called “enlightenment.” Another term that is overused and misunderstood today too.

As they realized their nature beyond their bodies, environments and other “decorations,” their level of vibration increased. As we increase in vibrations, we become more service-oriented, more loving, more caring and compassionate with others. This naturally happens as we heal and grow spiritually. We understand what we’re capable of accomplishing, we know our place, we feel connected to all life everywhere. We are free. Etc.

Having gone through such transformational and liberating phases; there are different ways through which it can happen, they wanted everyone else (which they knew where different aspects of themselves) to experience the same freedom, peace and joy. When asked about it, or through inspiration, they shared what they believed could help their students/followers/audience/disciples realize themselves just as they did.

That’s it.

With time however, the principles they shared were turned into rituals/rules by their followers. Obviously, with such a system comes great power, and souls who have not cleansed themselves from limiting beliefs demand power and control. They need the status-quo to be maintained.

Looking at the world today, you know what happened next.

Not always, but for the most part, this is organized religion.
Now, whether you are part of a religion or not, you are always spiritual. Form (your body, your situation, your environment, etc.) cannot define what is underneath it.

While religions (there are exceptions) have for objective to impose beliefs on you, the spiritual path is about releasing beliefs that do not serve you. Also, growing spiritually doesn’t require one to be religious.

Are religions the “enemy”? Not at all. Many souls have grown extensively thanks to religious teachings. What truly matters is you. Does your religion come into conflict with your spiritual path? Or does it encourage you to keep exploring yourself and your nature more deeply?

Answering that is up to you.

I hope this brought some light on this rather misunderstood subject.

As a final note.

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