Mind Your Tech Stack

Tech-stack, n., the underlying elements of a web or mobile application; frameworks, languages and software products everything else is built on, i.e., your company’s infrastructure.

The topic of today’s webinar (available shortly on our website) was the tech stack, the technology/software undergirding your restaurant company. It’s responsible for organizing and controlling data critical to smoothly run operations. The data, in turn, must be available to all management levels, from unit GMs to C-suite execs.

The tech stack infrastructure in a restaurant company

During the webinar, RTS Founder Fred LeFranc, Partner Alex Birnbaum and Hot Schedules Founder and Chief Customer Officer David Cantu detailed how to build a technology system that scales, improves and controls as a multi-unit company adds restaurants and employees.

Properly formatted, a tech stack will ease the burden of unit-level managers. “Witness a day in life of a restaurant manager,” said Cantu, before detailing a long list of tasks they perform during a shift. “They need a clear road map with clear objectives and focus.”

Yet it’s not unusual for busy managers to wonder if what they’re doing day-to-day is moving business forward. A correctly implemented tech stack offers a way for them to measure their effectiveness. “Food cost, labor, employee turnover and guest experience and KPIs. We bust out the dashboard that builds pertinent info,” Cantu declared.

LeFranc concurred: “Technology helps you do a better job of managing the life of your managers.”

If you’d more information about how Results Thru Strategy can help your company find the technology strategy that’s right for your company, please email Briana Benson at briana@resultsthrustrategy.com.