SMARTPIGGY….. lots to work on!!


Working on this new finance app, SMARTPIGGY has been quite the ride. I came into this project about 3–4 months after the beginning life of the app. To be honest everything seem to be all over the place. Looking at the team that was working on SMARTPIGGY it seemed to be a bunch of developers and little to no “designers.” I began with downloading the app and what features SMARTPIGGY already had to just explore what they had and to see how “usable” it was. Along with me experiencing the app I also took it to multiple of my colleagues and combined all the goods and the bads so that we could use it for later use.

After sitting back and assessing the state of the app and the team I sat down with the Project Manager to really get a grasp of what we as a team were looking to accomplish and really tried to layout the entire scope of the app. Having never come into a project so far from its initial start it was hard to put a halt on the developing of the app but we needed to get our heads straight before we continued.

The Design Process

As a huge advocate for the design process and design thinking as we sat down as a team to go over the app we started from the beginning by looking at our user base/ demographic. We sat down and created 3 personas of individuals or groups that would use this app. The 3 “groups” as personas we gathered were a single student, a young couple, and a family of 5. Brainstorming ideas and speaking with these persona related users we were able to gather great information as to what would be good to include in the app and also what things these users would find useful.

After the stage of empathy and remember a lot of this app has already been built out. So we are trying to restructure the app with things that already exist but also add the information we gathered from our potential users. Having this information we sat back down and discussed what features we needed, didn’t need, and really tried to narrow the app down to the Most Valuable Product (MVP).

Ideation meeting takeaways

Now that we have the scope of the app laid out we can return back to the building of the app. As our developers go back through and take implement our MVP features and get the app functioning to where we would like, our project manager has had be go through of the needed screens and do a full redesign and look of the app. This has been so important as part of the revamping of the app. In the beginning there was no sort of on-boarding so we visited that idea and mapped out the process and design which you can view below.


As of right now we are in the prototyping stage along with a decent amount of testing because a lot of the features have been developed already. So we are revamping the designs to the actual app and will proceed to test and revisit any/all data that we receive from our beta users.

Until we complete our testing and such I will just showcase multiple feature screens that I designed and are currently being implemented/tested.

Feel free to revisit this project in the near future!

Dashboard & Features