One-Page Résumé - is it still important?

A fundamental question that concerns all those who are set out to prepare résumé is - “what should be the perfect résumé length?”. The answer to this is consequential in deciding the content, design & impact of your résumé!

The case for a classic one-page résumé exists since ever & our experience of the recruitment industry strongly suggests that it still holds its importance - despite the digital transition of the recruitment process.

Here’s our case for the classic one-pager

  1. Effective & faster screening by the recruiter - The job market is as competitive as it may get - for each available job there are thousands of applications that come through. A crisp résumé means faster & better ‘spot-checks’ & screening of your work-to-date.
  2. Helps create impression - As Shakespeare rightly said “Men of few words are the best men” - Brevity & verbal economy of your résumé reflects your personality & helps you create impression of being focused.
  3. Easier to use & manage when printed!

When & why it fails?

  1. Adding a lot of irrelevant content
  2. Using wrong font type & size
  3. Improper usage of space - like condensed text or no optimal margins or spacing between lines.

An ideal one-page résumé

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Creating that impeccable one-pager

Content Development:

  1. You need not include each & every experience or data. Including information that is relevant to the job you’re applying for or that truly reflects & demonstrates your experience & accomplishments is sufficient.
  2. Adding summary, key-words, one-liner describing your work, & accomplishments conveys a lot without you being verbose.
  3. For some of the information that you want to detail out, adding links of your professional network (like LinkedIn) / blog / personal website always helps.

Configuring the Résumé

  1. Proper Space Utilization - Using two columns to put in your data saves space, & makes it easier to read.
  2. Selecting fonts that appear bigger but takes less space will utilize less space but won’t make your résumé looking condensed.


If you really think that you are doing all that’s required but still can’t get a single-pager, there is no harm in increasing the length - after all the ultimate aim is to make that mark & that get sought-after interview call. However don’t forget to be concise & clear!

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