Tips For Writing a Cover Letter For Customer Service

A cover letter is a document that your future employer will read before going through your resume. Therefore, you must write it carefully because, it will make him or her to take interest in your profile and schedule your interview.

Whichever profession you opt for, sending a cover letter that is in accordance with the field is very necessary. So it is essential that you take time to write it carefully to appear different from other candidates.

Points to be considered while writing a customer service cover letter

Individuals who work in customer service are responsible for handling customer queries and providing assistance to solve doubts regarding company’s products. It is an effective way of ensuring a brand’s worthiness to gain their trust.

If you want to make your career in a customer support job, writing an effective cover letter becomes a vital part as this is going to create your first impression on the prospective employer.

The tips given below should be followed -

Use current cover letter format

This document will help you in fixing an interview and probably the job. Hence, you must avoid writing haphazard sentences and always follow a set format. Including your contact details, proper salutation to the concerned person, mentioning your skills and experience, why you fit the company’s requirement and what you can do for its growth must be clearly written down. The letter must be concluded in a formal way by thanking the reader for sparing time to go through it. It must be free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Be precise

This profession demands that the interested candidate must have a clear idea about the job role and its associated responsibilities. So if you are looking forward to making a career in the same profile, you must demonstrate your previous experience. This means mentioning your past duties and accomplishments to the point and not overdoing it, just to sound appealing. Include relevant skills that make you a suitable candidate for the profile. You should highlight specific skills like listening ability, empathy, conflict resolution and ability to provide solutions to customer problems without narrating your own life story for a similar issue.

Emphasize on your experience

Although you will be explicitly mentioning your skills in your document, it is always a good idea to note down relevant experience in years. The hiring managers will come to know about your previous work and how efficient you were in dealing with the customers. They will also know about the products you have worked with and your ability to handle stressful situations. It shows that you are adept at handling intense customer conflicts with ease.

Mention numbers

Including lengthy paragraphs can become monotonous to your reader, and they might discard your letter in the very first place. Quantifying and making use of numbers can help in capturing attention of your recruiter and compelling them to go through the entire letter and even your resume. Instead of including vague sentences like ‘answered to many calls daily,’ it is always good to mention an approximate number. You can say you have handled more than 50 calls per day and have successfully addressed various customer issues without getting confused. It gives the hiring managers a fair idea about your capabilities.

Promote yourself

This document’s purpose must be to give your information in short and promote your skills.

The motive of this letter is convincing your future employer why you are the best candidate for this specific position. Hence, to draw attention, you must not shy away from mentioning your past achievements. Writing about accomplishments in your previous organization can add value to your letter.

Use of keywords that are related to job posting

If you are a novice in this field, or have no idea what all things must be included in the document, then do not bluff about your achievements just to make an impression. Quoting unrealistic achievements can lower your chances of being selected for an interview round. You could try using keywords or exact phrases that will definitely catch your recruiter’s eye and convince them that you exactly fit their requirements.

Writing an effective cover letter with all necessary points can boost your chances of being selected for next round and even get hired by an organization. Make sure that you limit your document to a single page and include all important points to give it a professional look.

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